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How to get started

These are the steps to get RockinBrainer up and running.
You have explanation for every symbol on the RockinBrainer page. One click and you will see How RockinBrainer works, and the explanation of every symbol on a chart.


Open TradingView account

RockinBrainer takes only two indicator slots,
so it can work on free TradingView plan, but we suggest first paid plan
so you can have more than one notification. And those are important!


Set RockinBrainer

First, set a dark theme.
When you subscribe, you get two invite only scripts in your indicators menu. Just click them.
In Chart Settings > Symbol, and turn off body, wick and border, so you can see volume coloured candles.
You can set your own colours in RockinBrainer settings.
That is the only thing you can change.
Everything else is perfectly tweaked.


Set notifications

When you decide the time frame you wanna trade on, click on the RockinBrainer, then three dots that appear on the end of a box, chose what you want to be notified about, and for your safety chose Once Per Bar Close. Notifications can be sent to your phone app, desktop, email. That's it! 😊